An idea is like a play. It needs a good producer and a good promoter even if it is a masterpiece. Otherwise the play may never open; or it may open but, for a lack of an audience, close after a week. Similarly, an idea will not move from the fringes to the mainstream simply because it is good; it must be skillfully marketed before it will actually shift people’s perceptions and behavior.

David Bornstein

How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas

The success of Healthy Start is dependent on it’s many volunteers, team members and most importantly, it’s advocates for the services provided to the pregnant women, father’s and family members who want their baby to have a Healthy Start in life! Advocates provide a voice to those who need to hear loud and clear the positive work being done by Healthy Start. In this section you will find information that will assist you when speaking about the Healthy Start program.

Please let us know if you have an encounter with a media representative or policy maker so we can provide appropriate follow-up as needed. Your willingness to advocate on behalf of our most vulnerable residents is commendable and looked upon highly by our local legislators and constituents. Thank you.

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